Alert icon 10/31/2014 Water main repair
Water main shut down on 163rd Ave from Poppleton Ave to Peterson Dr. Services will be restored by 6 p.m.
Alert icon Board meeting documents
To see documents for the Nov. 5 committee and board meetings, click here.
Alert icon Energy Pledge Hotline Open: 402.504.7100
Customers may now call 402.504.7100 to check the status of an energy pledge to their account. When you call the hotline... more »
Gas or Water Emergencies:

Do not start motors or appliances, light matches, cigarette lighters, flashlights; do not use the light switch or cell phone. Get everyone out of the building.
CALL 402.554.7777

Projects in your area:

Here is a listing of current infrastructure upgrade and maintenance projects in your area.

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